Estonian Paediatric Association is a charitable organization operating in the public interest.

Estonian Paediatric Association brings together pediatricians and other specialists working in the field of children’s healthcare, as well as legal entities, who contribute to achieving the association’s goals.

The aim and purpose of Estonian Paediatric Association is:

  • to develop pediatricians’ professional knowledge;
  • to promote communication between pediatricians;
  • to promote interdisciplinary cooperation;
  • to coordinate pediatric research;
  • to inform the public about children’s health problems, childhood diseases and ways to prevent them;
  • to participate in healthcare planning in the field of pediatrics;
  • to control the quality of pediatric care provided to the population.

Estonian Paediatric Association

  • cooperates with professional societies and associations, research institutions and higher education institutions both in Estonia and abroad, as well as with legislative and executive authorities;
  • organizes professional and scientific events such as congresses, conferences, trainings, seminars and meetings, as well as public educational and charity events;
  • prepares and publishes books, collections, methodological guides and information materials;
  • prepares professional instructional material and organizes the certification of pediatricians;
  • establishes regional departments and specialized sections;
  • gives professional advice.